‘Medicto’ – The Best Medical Service for Foreigners in Korea

There is an ever-growing amount of foreigners living in Korea. With work and school options in Korea, a lot of foreigners make their way here for long-term living. Foreigners want nothing more than to be comfortable and safe when living in a different country especially where there might be a language barrier. One concern that foreigners may have is what to do if a medical situation comes up for them. Fortunately, there is now a service that can help foreigners with that.

10 LOCO Co., Ltd. Launched an amazing medical service app called “Medicto.” It was launched on October 26, 2020, and provides foreigners in Korea with the option of seeking medical services when needed. “Medicto” provides simple translation and an integrated solution service that takes basic conversations with doctors or pharmacists and summarizes it for the users. You get provided the same information as anyone who visits a clinic or pharmacy in Korea in person.

“Medicto” has both a user-friendly app and website for foreign customers. Both platforms allow users to search for clinics in Seoul. Here, foreign languages are available. Intuitive pictures on the app and website can be used for foreigners to express the symptoms they are having. It is easy to use and convenient. They can use these images when visiting a pharmacy to better communicate with the pharmacists.

Unfortunately, information services are still very less available in Korea compared to the increase of foreigners living there every year. However, opinions on improving medical services are being presented as an increase in multicultural families, foreign students, and foreign workers are happening throughout Korea. Yoon Jong-Cheon is the CEO of 10LOCO and he has mentioned that he launched “Medicto” to combine this social background with the difficulties he experienced for quite some time as an American student. He realized there was a need to improve his American wife’s experience at local pharmacies and hospitals. Due to communication difficulties, CEO Yoon said foreigners would sometimes be provided the wrong drugs that were not suitable for their symptoms. Also due to these communication difficulties, foreigners had limitations and issues when it came to medical services.

Yoon Jong-Cheon was guided to start a business for the good of the public when he figured out what needs a service like this could have for his foreign friends. 10 LOCO will expand its “Medicto” service to a variety of foreign fields. These fields include the reservation of hospital treatment and insurance claims for treatment. This can be used in foreign languages for foreigners. Yoon said 10LOCO will develop into a one-stop medical integration solution that can solve the problems with medical services that foreigners in Korea face.

If you or someone you know is a foreigner living in Korea or plan to, this is a service you do not want to pass on. It will benefit you in the long wrong with all your medical needs. You will not have to worry about any miscommunication when interacting with doctors and pharmacists that could possibly result in the wrong prescription or service. “Medicto” is convenient and easy to use for any foreigner in Korea that may need it.

Here are the Top 6 Freelancing Services You Should Offer that Make Good Money

Are you sick of earning a fixed income and working a 9-5 job? How about making some money online by freelancing your services?

Freelancing is very widespread and millions of people are attracted to the overall aspect of it to adopt themselves and work from home on their own terms. There are thousands of freelance services that are currently in demand. Some people fear that freelancing is too overly crowded and that their own services will not get any attention. Well that is completely wrong! The opportunities have greatly increased and will continue to do so.

Some people may just offer their services as a side gig for some extra spending money. Others find a way to make it their full-time occupation. To find what services you should offer, you should first think about what you enjoy doing. Is there something creative you can offer? Do you hold any skills that others may need your services on?

Freelancing is such a great online service you can offer in exchange for getting paid. This is winning opportunity for you if you are a passionate, skillful, and determined individual who is willing to work independently on your own schedule.

Need some ideas on what services to offer? Well, for a start, here are some of the most popular services that I offer as a freelancer:

There are so many things to offer that follow under the virtual assistant category. This is one of my most popular gigs I offer. The demand for tasks to be done especially for busy business people is vast. Here are some of the things I offer as a virtual assistant:

-Managing emails, calendars, schedules, databases
-Booking appointments
-Travel arrangements
-File management
-Data entry
-Creating reports
-Generating forms
-File conversions
-Customer inquiries
-And so much more!

As you can see from the fact that I have my own blog, I have a passion for writing. I not only write for my own blog but other bloggers and business owners will hire me to write posts for their own blogs.

Another form of writing I offer. Everyone could use a good, professional looking, well formatted, resume when applying for jobs.

Goes hand in hand with my passion for writing. I am skilled in proofreading and editing so people will hire me to review whatever writing, document, or post of their own they may need to be edited.

A busy and repetitive task that not a lot of people have time to do on their own so they will hire someone to complete data entry work for them.

Yet another busy and repetitive task that others may need to call on someone else to do for them. The goal is to do thorough research on the given requirements your client provides you with and come back with what you find through your research.

If you can offer one or more of the above freelancing gigs that I offer, I say go for it! Freelancing can be rewarding and is a great opportunity to broaden your skills. Not only are these some of the best gigs to offer, but they are also some of the most requested ones. More demand equals more opportunity to make some good money!

Why I Became a Freelancer and Why You Should Too

There are so many reasons why one may consider becoming a freelancer. Some reasons are more significant and appealing than others. It really comes down to what you are passionate about, how motivated you are, and how far you want to take your freelancing career. You do not always need special skills or years of learning unless that gig you are offering requires it. Most of the time, you can start freelancing with little to no skills and learn how to build up your skills through the process. If you want to determine if freelancing is for you, let me tell you some popular reasons why I decided to freelance.

I Can Be My Own Boss

This is the most common reason people get into freelancing. It was surely something that motivated me! I have always been very self-sufficient and independent with everything that I do. You are in control of your career. You no longer have to be told what to do, how to do it, or be directly supervised. This has also taught me more about my own skills than what any corporate job has before. I learned a lot through self-discovery and I am still learning stuff currently.  A one-person company can be stressful at times but the joy of doing what you love will soon teach you how to manage successfully.

I Am In Control

I make my own decisions in everything that I do with my freelancing. There are no debates on what to do and how to handle things. It is all up to me! There is great responsibility that comes with freedom and man, does it feel good. Being in control of my own work has helped me to stress less, live more freely, and learn to enjoy life.

I Can Do What I Want On My Own Time

Freelancing is not a typical 9 to 5 job unless you absolutely make it that way. Hey, maybe you enjoy setting your work schedule that way and that is okay! As a freelancer, you are in charge of when you work and how long you work for. Obviously, you want to give your clients their requested work in a timely manner that they are expecting it but you can set your own schedule to where that is still possible to achieve.

I Can Work From Anywhere

One of the best freedoms that come with freelancing is being able to work remotely anywhere in the world you want, literally. Well, I mean, you obviously need to be somewhere with a good wi-fi connection but where can you not get that nowadays? You get to dictate exactly where you work. This gives you the freedom to work somewhere fun, new, and exciting. You can choose to work in one comfortable location or even constantly change up your location.

I Get To Choose The Projects I Work On

Being a freelancer gives you the full freedom to offer what you want and accept what jobs you want to do for clients. This is key to doing what you love. Do not accept something you will dread working on. Accept and offer things you know you love, are great at, and know you will receive great feedback on. One of the many negative aspects of working in the corporate world is that you have to complete the tasks your boss gives you. Where is the fun in that? Now, if you are just starting out, or want to make more money, you may accept some jobs that are not as enjoyable and that is okay. A majority of your time will still be doing what you love.

I Can Earn More Over Time

When first starting out as a freelancer, you will accept more cheaper rate offers to get what you can. This allows you to build trust, clientele, and develop your freelancing business. However, as you move up and do more jobs, you can start to raise your rates. Your earning potential is unlimited as your business grows.

I Have Full Job Security

I cannot be fired or have any fear of losing my job. I gave myself my job and the market for freelancers out there is vast. Sure, some weeks I may make less than others, but staying positive to allow yourself to keep going will give you complete control over your earnings and future in your career. Everyone is replaceable to a company in the corporate world. A company may one day decide they do not need or want you anymore even when you have always done phenomenal work.

I Can Learn So Much

You run in to so many different and unique challenges while freelancing. There is a lot to learn from all of it. This is always for the best even when, in that moment, it may feel discouraging. I love being able to learn from new experiences and grow my knowledge on how to handle particular issues in the future. Also, with so many online certifications to earn, you can choose new things to learn and study. This will give you more to offer to your clients with the opportunity for more income.

If you are interested in becoming a freelancer, I hope you can take my above points in to consideration when you decide on wanting to move forward. Freelancing is so rewarding, enjoyable, and can teach you so much. It will take time, commitment, and determination to build it in to a career but when you do, it will be the most amazing feeling ever. Deciding to become a freelancer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.